Product range

Hand tools

Most items are manufactured by ARM Sangyo and they are all "Made in Japan" products.
Manufacturing process:drop forging, cutting, bending and assembling.
We have been getting highly reputation from our customers in various countries.

Cordless, Electric, Hydraulic (hand-operated) tools

We have Cordless type, Electric type.
We have been manufacturing these tools for more than 20 years. Not only products' design, but also hydraulic function has been designed, manufactured by ourselves. They are truly made by ARM Sangyo, Made in Japan, and quality control is highly guaranteed. Bolt Cutter, Rebar Cutter have a great reputation in construction, rescue market. Swagers and wire rope cutters are suitable for wire rope industries.

Soft Jaws (for lathing chucks)

ARM Sangyo has been manufacturing Soft Jaws for the lathing chucks.
There are various kind of soft jaws available and we always keep proper stock of these items.
Whenever we receive an inquiries from our customers, we sincerely give a quick response as much as possible.
We have 2 types of material of soft jaws, one is steel one, and the other is aluminum. Any inquiries are highly welcomed.

About ARM Sangyo Co.,Ltd

Company policy

To supply high quality hand, electric cordless tools to our customers. We always try to shorten the lead time of products' supply. Due to manufacturing, designing by ourselves, the products' quality control is highly guaranteed.

Products we manufacture

Hand tools

Bolt Cutter (manual)ーHand Swager (for aluminum sleeve)Aluminum Oval SleeveWire Rope Cutters (manual)Cable Cutters (manual)、、L-Clamps

Electric , Cordless tools (hydraulic function)

Bolt CuttersRebar CuttersSwagersWire Rope Cutters

Soft Jaws

Kitagawa-type, Howa-type, Matsumoto-type, SMW-type, etc

Most items are designed, manufactured, quality controlled by ARM Sangyo Co.,Ltd.