Cable cutters

Cable Cutters

  • □ Essencial for cutting rubber coated electric cables.
  • □ Cables you can cut are IV line/VA・VVF line/VCT line/VVR single core /VVR3 riple cores/CVsingle core.
  • □ Easy cutting work due to the shape of blades.
  • □ Blades, flames are all drop forged. Endurance of this tool is highly guaranteed.


  • □ Specialised in cutting thick ruber coated electric cables.
  • □ Clear cutting face due to the shape of blades.
  • □ blades, flames are all dropforged.
  • □ Dropforging, cutting, assembling are all processed by ARM Sangyo Co, and Made in Japan!
  • ※Note : This Cable cutter is for cutting rubber coated electric cables. Do not cut wire ropes with this cutter.
    Cut wire ropes with wire rope cutters RC or WR type.


  • □ Clear cutting face due to the shape of blades.
  • □ blades, flames are all dropforged.
  • □ Good shaped grips.
Item No Size
Cutting capacity Weight
IV Line (Outer dia) CVT Line (Outer dia)
KC-350 350 150mm2(dia21mm) 14mm2(dia21mm) 0.7
KC-450 450 200mm2(dia23mm) 22mm2(dia24mm) 1.4
KC-800 800 325mm2(dia29mm) 100mm2(dia41mm) 3.6

Spare blades

  • □ Spare blade of cable cutters
  • □ comes with connection bolts and nuts
Spare blade KCJ-450
Item No Suitable products
Item No


KCJ-800 KC-800 1.0

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Specification of Cable Cutters

ARM Brand Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters are specialised in cutting thick rubber coated electric cables. The cables which thic cutter cuts are IV line /VA・VVF line /VCT line/ VVR single core /VVR triple core /CV core、etc. Due to cutting rubber coated electric cables, this tools is not for cutting wire ropes and hard wires. If you do, the blades will be chipped.

The benefit of ARM Brand products

The cutter blades are all manufactured , dropforged by ARM Sangyo and endurance of these products are highly guaranteed. These cutters are quality controlled by us, and we have been getting a lot of reputation from various countries and companies all over the world. In terms of cable cutters, cutting edge, face of cables are very clear due to the shape of blades and easy work process due to this is very much ensured.