1946 Drop forging factory was founded, started to sell dropforged tools
1960 Moved the drop forging factory to Sanjo-city area
1960 Start drop forging process of general hand tools
1973 Established new factory at Shitada area
1973 Established the limited company named "Kawahiro dropforging factory"
1973 Install the Medium frequency induction heater for dropforging heating process
1978 ARM Sangyo Co.,LTD was established
1979 Started to manufacture and sell hand tools, such as Bolt Cutters, Pliers
1981 Get the approval of Japan Industrial Standard factory
1981 Started exporting business to various countries
1988 Hand Swager, Oval Sleeves were released
1989 The new factory was built
1991 Series of Pipe Wrench were released
1994 Soft Jaw manufacturing department was established and started manufacturing and selling
1999 Cordless hydraulic tools division was established and the sales started
2004 Electric Power tools were invented following to cordless ones, then introduced to the market
2007 Got the certificate of New Japan Industrial Standard